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Ripple Whale Takes Action: Withdrawn Ten Millions of XRP!

The Ripple Whale Is on the Move: It has Attracted Tens of Millions of XRP! It is alleged that the XRP whale withdrew 10 million coins from the exchange.

Ripple Whale Takes Action: Withdrawn Ten Millions of XRP!

According to the information received, the XRP whale allegedly withdrew 10 million coins from the exchange. There are comments that the fact that the XRP whale in question withdrew 10 million tokens from the stock exchange shows its faith in the market.

Ripple whale has moved

According to the Whale Alert account on Twitter, Bitcoin and major altcoins are facing a sudden increase in fund inflows to exchanges, while this XRP whale has decided to withdraw its assets on a major central exchange. The data on the transaction page indicates that a transfer has been made between the two exchange addresses Dec But, most likely, it is a hot wallet transaction to one of the exchange addresses, and then transferred to an unknown wallet address.

whale alert twitter

 10,000,000 #XRP (10,452,769 USD) transferred from #Bithumb to unknown wallet

As of now, the funds remain at the whale's address without moving anywhere. When users withdraw their transactions from the exchanges, if an increase in volatility occurs in the market, they tend to hold it for a longer time instead of selling it on the exchange. Currently, XRP is moving in the same December as before. The cryptocurrency is trading around $1, so it falls under the "stablecoin" category. Ripple has been moving in the December 1 range for more than three months at this point and periodically tests new peaks. Ripple's most recent positive price action was watched on November 9, when XRP reached $1.31 but then quickly returned to $1.02. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at a daily gain of 0.6% and is trading with relatively low volatility compared to price movements in Bitcoin ranging from $58,000 to $56,660.