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Meta: Crypto Transactions Can Be Made Via WhatsApp!

Crypto Mining - Facebook, which has changed its name to Meta as part of its new branding efforts, is preparing to offer crypto payments through the social messaging application WhatsApp using the Novi crypto currency wallet. The social media giant has already started experimenting with this.

Meta: Crypto Transactions Can Be Made Via WhatsApp!

Crypto Transactions Via WhatsApp Via Novi Wallet

Meta is preparing to offer crypto payments via Whatsapp using the Novi cryptocurrency wallet. Stephane Kasriel, president of NOVI, announced on Twitter that the pilot program, in which a selected group of people tested the features and services of WhatsApp payment, has been underway for about six weeks.

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Since we introduced the Novi pilot app just six weeks ago, we have been able to test and find out which features and functions are most important for people, and we have focused our efforts on making them even better said the CEO of Novi.

This will be the first major step towards expanding the digital wallet footprint following the rebranding by Meta. Facebook's crypto prospects began in 2019 when they announced their universal stable coin project called Libra. However, the crypto initiative was disrupted because it faced several regulatory obstacles and was eventually forced to close.

Facebook has not given up on its crypto plans and now aims to find a place for itself in the nascent metaverse ecosystem after a brand change. He has developed the Novi wallet, which will now play an important role in payment plans.

Can Meta Make Room For Itself In The Crypto Sector?

Meta is quite late to the crypto payment industry, which it has been trying to enter for some time. However, this will not be his first foray into the digital payment industry as before, he introduced a messenger payment industry for a short time, but when he couldn't keep up, he shut it down soon after.

The new crypto payment initiative using WhatsApp could pave the way for Meta in the digital payment sector, given that Whatsapp is considered one of the most popular social chat services in the world with more than a billion users.