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Crypto Mining Companies

Cloud mining firms serve millions of people around the world. These companies are known as reliable and high-quality. People can earn money through cloud mining companies instead of buying their equipment.

Crypto Mining Companies

Cryptocurrency mining can be done in many different ways today. For this reason, people can mine both with their equipment and with the equipment they rent from cloud mining companies. Today, many people prefer cloud mining companies because they cannot allocate a budget for mining.

Cloud mining firms serve millions of people around the world. These companies are known as reliable and high quality. People can earn money through cloud mining companies instead of buying their equipment. We also researched cloud mining companies that provide services around the world for you.

What Are Cloud Mining Companies?


Shamining company is one of the most popular brands in cloud mining recently. Compared to other companies, Shamining has a more user-friendly interface. That's why it serves millions of people around the world.

Shaminig has shared all the information of the team members on the Linkedin platform. In this way, users trust the company more and more every day. Founded in 2018, the firm maintains mining devices in the cities of London, San Jose, and Capetown.

Shaminig company offers 37% extra mining days in addition to the packages received. The Firm accepts an investment of at least $250. For 250 dollars, users can mine 23,585 GH/s.

In addition, the company offers a net earnings target of $534 after 12 months of work. Since the platform is just established, it would be good for investors to research the company before trading.


Hashnest company is considered one of the most reliable companies in the world, especially for Bitcoin mining operations. For this reason, millions of people continue to perform cloud mining operations by trusting Hashnest.

Hashnest company can offer 50 TH/S mining operations to investors with AntminerS17pro, the device they put on sale. The selling price of the device has been determined as 3499 Dollars. Also, the device is priced at $69.98 per 1 TH/S.

It has been reported that a daily maintenance fee of $0.0828 per TH/S is charged for this device. It is known that Hashnest company has many servers and equipment support around the world. After examining the company, you can easily start cloud mining operations.

Genesis Mining

The genesis mining company is one of the brands that process cryptocurrency transactions most professionally. Founded in 2013, the company has left millions of dollars worth of profit to millions of people. Genesis mining continues to sell packages suitable for every budget. However, investors generally start mining operations with an 18-month package.

An average package that you will buy from the Genesis mining company provides 25 MH / s mining power. In addition, the average package is offered for sale at $999. For this price, you can perform 25 MH/s mining operations for 24 hours. In addition, the daily profit rate was calculated as 1.48 Dollars for the company.


According to its competitors, the newly established Hashing24 brand was able to surpass its competitors in a short time. It is preferred by millions of investors, especially for Bitcoin cloud mining operations. The company is growing more and more each day as it accepts credit card payment transactions and makes daily posts.

The firm sells 1 TH/S mining for $158.1 in its 24-month package. The package, which includes the maintenance fee, is thought to be $0.27, based on the daily difficulty level. In addition, it is difficult to have ROI due to reasons such as the decrease in Bitcoin price and the difficulty of mining operations.


Flymining is one of the most well-known mining companies in the mining industry. It is appreciated by users by accepting payment by credit card and sharing company information. In this way, it can always prove that it is reliable.

Flymining offers 1 TH/S of cloud mining power for $63 including maintenance costs. A 1-year contract is required for this package. You can easily start cloud mining operations by logging into Flymining company.


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