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Countries With The Most Profit From Cryptocurrency

Chainalysis recently shared an analysis report, revealing the countries that made the most profit from cryptocurrencies in 2021. Turkey left behind more than 10 countries.

Countries With The Most Profit From Cryptocurrency

Especially in the last two years, very serious rises have been witnessed in cryptocurrencies. The crypto exchange now has millions of new investors. A large part of these investors consists of Turkish investors. Especially after the Turkish lira depreciated so much, investors are also taking part in the crypto money market in addition to gold and dollars to protect their money.

With the crypto money market breaking records for the last two years, the countries that made the most profits for investors were curious. To answer this question, a report has been submitted by Chainalysis, known as a blockchain analysis company. As a result of the analyzes made for 2021, the countries that made the most profit were announced. Turkey is at the top of the list.

With the sharing that Chainalysis has made, it is seen that the country with the highest profit in 2021 is the USA with 47 billion dollars. The United Kingdom is behind the United States with $8.1 billion, followed by Germany with $5.58 billion in the 3rd place, Japan in the 4th place with 5.5 billion, and China in the 5th place with 5 billion dollars.

The country in the sixth place on the list is Turkey. Looking at the shared data, it is known that Turkish investors realized 4.5 billion dollars of their income in 2021. The country that follows behind Turkey is Russia with 4.2 billion dollars.