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2.85 Million Dollars in Crypto Donations Collected for Turkey After Earthquake

The crypto industry came together to aid Turkey after an earthquake with 7,108 casualties. Binance CEO, Bitfinex, and other major players in the sector took initiative by accepting donations and providing support.

2.85 Million Dollars in Crypto Donations Collected for Turkey After Earthquake

Two earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6 centered in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey resulted in destruction and the death toll has reached 7,108. The earthquakes also injured 40,910 and resulted in a state of emergency being declared for three months in 10 affected cities. In response, the global crypto industry came together to help Turkey. The tragedy is remembered as one of the worst earthquakes of the century.

Leaders of the crypto industry, such as Binance CEO, Bitfinex, Gate_io, and Bitget, expressed their support and took action. The CEO of Binance sent a message of support via Twitter and Bitfinex is planning a support package for Turkey. Meanwhile, Gate_io announced that it was ready to send aid packages to the earthquake zone.

Turkish rock singer and philanthropist Haluk Levent shared crypto wallet addresses where stable crypto donations can be made on the Binance network.

Network Transfer Address
ERC20 0xe1935271D1993434A1a59fE08f24891Dc5F398Cd
BEP20 0xB67705398fEd380a1CE02e77095fed64f8aCe463
Avalanche 0x868D27c361682462536DfE361f2e20B3A6f4dDD8


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This tragedy cannot be described in words! The father who never let go of his daughter's hand lost her in the earthquake...

In the earthquake in Kahramanmaraş, a father held onto the hand of his 15-year-old daughter Irmak who lost her life. The grieving father has been waiting by the side of the rubble of the building since the first day of the earthquake, without letting go of his daughter's hand.

man in earthquake

Continuing search and rescue operations, the support of the crypto industry and other regions of the world provides hope and support to the people affected in Turkey.